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Wolves Stand Together In A Pack At The Water's Edge In Yellowstone National Park

As a family owned and operated company, we know how important our guides are to the quality of our safaris.

We pride ourselves on hiring the most talented and experienced local guides in order to provide the best wildlife safaris and photo tours available. The first thing we look for in a guide is a strong passion for Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks along with a desire to share that passion with you. Passion is a large part of what makes a guide great, but a depth of knowledge about the Greater Yellowstone Area is also crucial for us to provide expert interpretation during your safari. This requires our guides to have a deep understanding of the history, ecology, geology, geography and wildlife of both national parks and over 10 million acres known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Though most of us have college degrees, no degree in the world can fully prepare someone to be a Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari guide. Developing a deep understanding and love for this area requires years of hiking remote trails, climbing peaks, floating rivers, discovering secret trout filled pools, skiing the backcountry and tracking wildlife deep into the forest. We believe that nothing is more valuable than first hand experience and observation when it comes to learning and teaching. Good guides tend to be energetic, curious, highly intelligent and continuously studious. (It never ceases to amaze me that 20 year veteran guides buy more books than our guests!) Lastly, a good guide will intuitively calibrate their guiding style during your safari to focus more time on your areas of interest. Unlike a canned tour where the ‘guide’ just says and points out the same things day after day, our guides will engage you in a rolling discussion about what you are seeing, stories about the area and an insider’s perspective on current local events.

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