Summer Safaris

The summer season in Jackson Hole runs from May through October, with winter conditions setting in for early November.

In the summer, the high elevation creates cool mornings and warmer afternoons, with temperatures ranging from 45F (7C) to 85F (29C) as a high for the day. As the snow line recedes, some wildlife will move into the high alpine areas while others remain at the valley floor. Many of the species in the region migrate to lower elevations in the winter where there is less snow and more moderate climates. This can be a short distance, or in the case of the Pronghorn, up to 150 miles one way from Grand Teton National Park to the Upper Green River Basin. If you visit in the spring, you can witness herds of elk and pronghorn as they make their way back to their summer ranges. In order to survive the cold temperatures and deep snow of Wyoming winters, the wildlife of the region is often best suited for cool temperatures, meaning that during the warm summer days they seek out cool places to avoid the heat of the day. We see a variety of species in their natural habitat throughout the summer. By searching for them in the cooler hours of the day and knowing the terrain, it gives us the best chance of finding them.

The exact routes and itineraries of our safaris will depend on a number of factors – the most important being your areas of interest, current wildlife sightings and road conditions. One of the great things about our safaris and expeditions is our ability to customize each safari for you. Our guides are all highly experienced, with thousands of hours in the field, allowing them to make suggestions and calibrate the adventure to your experience level and desires. Every day in the field is different, which makes our safaris more fun for both you and your guides. We hope that you’ll join us on a wildlife safari and walk away with an education and appreciation of this remarkable place we are privileged to call home.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris combines a love of adventure with a passion for wildlife and wild spaces to create a premium, once in a lifetime experience exploring the natural world. It is our belief that active stewardship is the only way to ensure the same experience for future generations. This is why Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris is committed to a culture of sustainability and is dedicated to purchasing products, establishing partnerships and educating the public in a way that values the protection and conservation of our most valuable resources.

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