Jackson Hole Photography Tours

Great grey owl in aspen Jackson Hole

Visiting Jackson Hole offers the opportunity to some of the most breathtaking photography anyone can hope for. No matter your skill level or subject interest, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem provides everything from majestic misty mountains to striking wildlife scenes to intimate close-ups of vibrant wildflowers. Sometimes, as a visitor, it can be overwhelming to know where to go, or when to go, for the best shots at the best locations. Our extensively experienced local photography/safari guides can take the stress and guesswork away, lining you up for the most impactful landscape shot or get you on the right track to find wild elk, bison, or even the highly sought after grizzly bear!

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of both landscape and wildlife photography or an expert chasing that one shot you’ve always wanted, our photography tours are led by expert photography/safari guides who will help to find you that shot, and show you the beauty of the ecosystem through the lens.

Grand Teton Photography Tours

This full day Grand Teton tour provides ample time to take advantage of the optimal morning light, visit the most scenic spots in the park, and view and photograph wildlife during peak activity. Your guide will find you the best vantage points and angles for landscapes, and get you the best viewing of the animals you find along the way. We will look for moose, elk, bison, bear, deer, pronghorn, and a variety of smaller mammals and avian species. You never know what’s around the corner, and with your camera ready to shoot you’re sure to come away with images that you’ll love for a lifetime.

Multi-Day Tours

Summer (May-Oct)

Every photographer knows that the key to exceptional photos is timing, patience, and luck. Our multi-day tours allow for all of these! We offer both 2-Day and 3-Day safaris, depending on your time availability and personal interests. Both pick up from your lodging in Jackson Hole. You will traverse through the stunning alpine landscape of Grand Teton and continue on to Yellowstone National Park to photograph the unique geothermal features. From there, you will venture into Yellowstone’s northern range, exploring prime grizzly and wolf habitat in search of these two apex predators. You will encounter such a variety of subjects and conditions, you’ll see why these parks are considered a photographer’s playground!

Winter (Dec-Apr)

Like our summer multi-day safaris, our 3-day Winter Wolves and Wildlife Safaris start in Jackson Hole and explore both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. This unique experience allows for optimal wolf watching and epic winter landscape photography. Bison and elk can be found wintering in the region and add to the dynamic and wild experience of the national parks!

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your camera’s ability in one of the most incredible ecosystems you can visit! No matter your level, you’re sure to learn some great techniques, useful tips and tricks both in the field and during post production, fascinating information about the geology and ecology of the area, and have an absolute blast while doing it!


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I don’t have much photography experience, can I still book this tour?

Absolutely! Our photography tours are for every skill level from beginner to advanced. If you start off knowing nothing, you will learn a lot during this tour under the guidance of a professional photographer. If you already know a lot, you will have the opportunity to improve some of your skills and maybe pick up some new tips and tricks along the way!

What kind of camera do I need?

Any camera will do! DSLR and mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses will have the most in depth direction from your guide, but point-and-shoot camera users can still benefit from creative instruction. We even lead iPhone photography tours!

Will I learn how to edit my photos?

Yes! Post production instruction is part of the guidance you’ll receive on these excursions. We want to make sure that you learn all you can from beginning to end, from finding a compelling subject to having a fully finished product that you’d love to hang on your wall!