Half Day Wildlife Safari Tour

  • Destination
    Grand Teton
  • Season
    Nov - Apr
  • Group Size
    Max 8
  • Duration
    4 Hours
From $145
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Begin your winter wildlife safari tour with a gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate from one of Jackson’s local coffee houses. Then explore the National Elk Refuge, home to thousands of wintering elk, hundreds of bison, bighorn sheep and an array of bird life. We will then head north along the western boundary of the refuge to Grand Teton National Park. Here we will travel along the southern park roads watching for wildlife and stopping frequently for photo-ops. You will see places like antelope flats, the small town of Kelly and have views of several mountain ranges that form the valley of Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole’s wintering wildlife is abundant with opportunities to see bison, elk, deer, moose, fox, coyote, bald eagle, trumpeter swans, and if we’re lucky, wolves. If time allows we might also choose to stop at the Jackson Hole Visitor Center or the new Moose visitor center in Grand Teton National Park. The route varies seasonally based on group interest, road closures and wildlife migration.

What's Included

  • Hotel pickup
  • Professional naturalist guide
  • Small group safari: 8 guests per vehicle, maximum
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Use of spotting scopes
  • Use of binoculars
  • Guide gratuities
  • National Park entrance fees

Open Safari

$145 per guest. Two person minimum booking requirement. Maximum per vehicle, 6-8 guests. Minimum age is 8. This is a mixed group safari.

*This tour has limited availability - please contact us directly to make reservations.
From $145

Private Safari

$765 for 1-4 guests; $105 for each additional guest. Maximum per vehicle, 6-8 guests. No age minimum. This is a private safari.
From $765

Pick-up Times

All guests are picked up and returned to their place of lodging. We pick up at hotels and condos in Jackson and Teton Village.  Your exact pick up time will be determined by your hotel location. Please make note of your pickup time, and save it for your reference.

Please give your guide an additional 5-10 minutes before and after the scheduled time to allow for other pickups or traffic conditions.

Seasonal changes to trip timing may be made to accommodate daylight and/or optimum wildlife viewing.

Approximate pickup times for Jackson Hole include:

Sunrise Departures

  • 7:30 AM – downtown Jackson locations
  • 7:15 AM – greater Jackson Hole area locations
  • 7:00 AM – Teton Village locations

Sunset Departures

  • 1:30 PM – downtown Jackson locations
  • 1:15 PM – greater Jackson Hole area locations
  • 1:00 PM – Teton Village locations
Just wanted to say thanks for the great 'safari' around the Jackson Hole area. All of us had a great time and saw some animal activity that we have never seen in our 20 years of visiting Jackson Hole.
Tom, Michigan


Is a half-day tour enough time in Jackson Hole?

You could spend an entire week in Jackson Hole and never see it all.  This is a big place with diverse wildlife habitat.  A half-day tour will give you a brief peek at the wildlife living in Jackson Hole at the southern end of Grand Teton National Park.  Some folks opt for a half-day tour because it fits well into their schedule.  Our guides make the most of every tour so we’ll want to know what is #1 on your wildlife wish-list.  We’ll do our best to give you the opportunities to see your favorites.

Does the Jackson Hole half-day tour stop for photos?

Our guides will make multiple stops along the way, always making sure that we’re in an ideal location for our guests to get out and observe wildlife safely from a distance.  If photography is your focus, we also offer photography-specific tours that may be of interest.  If you simply want some fantastic photos of your tour, make sure to let your guide know and they will keep this in mind, with helpful suggestions on landscape and wildlife shots.  If you want an even more personalized experience, our private tours will provide you with a guide all to yourself for the duration of the tour.

What do others say about this tour?

5 Stars
This was an amazing tour, and we couldn’t have made better plans ourselves! We were ready at 7:30 and dropped back off before noon. We saw wolves, moose, elk, bison, coyotes, ducks, geese, eagles….. I mean, the only thing we didn’t see were bears and they were hibernating! Worth every penny to take a private tour at Jackson Hole. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Christian R.

5 Stars
My husband and I just finished up our half day trip with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, and had a wonderful time! We were able to see a herd of elk, and even heard them bugle, a herd of pronghorn, a mother and baby moose, a male moose, and mule deer, along with stunning views throughout! Our guide was very personable and knowledgeable about the area as well as the stories behind different things, which made the trip even better for us. Totally worth the money and we would highly recommend booking! Can’t wait to come back and book a Yellowstone tour!
Mary H.

5 Stars
We had the best time with our guide. He was knowledgeable about the wildlife and a great dude. We went on the half day winter tour in the morning. He picked us up in the hotel lobby, fed us breakfast and as soon as we got into the park, we started seeing wildlife. I love to see birds out in the wild and we got to see trumpeter swans and goldeneye ducks, neither I’ve ever seen. We also got to see snow bunting, which our guide said was pretty rare to see. He taught us some tracking to help spot wildlife and took us to see some beautiful locations. He also had this huge scope so we could see the animals in detail without being too close. We also saw bison, elk, moose, and mule deer. My favorite part was when we were in the National Elk Refuge. We were surrounded on all sides by bighorn sheep and we looked up on the clifftops to see four (four!) coyote looking down at the sheep. I have a picture! I could hear David Attenborough narrating the whole thing in my head like I was on Planet Earth! Thank you to our guide and the whole team at Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris. We had the best time!
Jennifer G.

5 Stars
My husband and I took the Winter Half Day Wildlife Safari today. We were quite impressed with the excursion. Our experienced guide led us to different potential wildlife areas. We spotted several moose, which were high on our hoped-for list. We saw a red fox, elk, and sheep, as well as grouse, magpies & eagles. Our guide was quite knowledgeable, so we learned many wildlife details, as well as actually seeing the animals. An added plus was being transported in a super clean vehicle. That extra attention to detail helped to make this an excellent experience!
Susan M.

Further Reading

Extraordinary Wildlife on the National Elk Refuge

February 26, 2020

Rocky Mountain Elk (cervus elaphus canadensis) are one of the most fascinating and plentiful wild animals in Western North America. They are closely related to European and Asian Red Deer, which are their ancestors, yet have adapted themselves through 8,000 or so years to our extremely diverse basin and range landscape. The massive herd of 6-10,000 who we see in the National Elk Refuge every winter near our town of Jackson, WY is actually comprised of many herds. “Small clans” if you will, that seem to coagulate into one “tribe” for the winter. They allow themselves to share space, to take advantage where they can for survival. They seek grand fields with forbs, herbs and grasses to feed on, creeks or springs from which to drink, and sunshine to melt the burdensome snow.

Winter Wildlife Watching in Jackson Hole

December 6, 2013

Elk, moose, mule deer, bighorn sheep and bison all get the message. It is time to move down into the relatively mild lower elevations of Jackson Hole. Named after Davey Jackson, an early American trapper drawn to the area by the abundance of flora and fauna, Jackson Hole is a large high desert mountain valley in the rain shadow of the Teton Mountain Range. As winter storms rage across the west from the Pacific, they are forced up and over the high peaks of the Tetons where they drop the majority of their precipitation. The leeward side of a mountain range is drier and spared the worse of the weather. Access to browse left over from the summer growing season draws wildlife from the surrounding mountain ranges.



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