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grand teton mountains in the fall

Jackson Hole is a very special place to visit as it has access to two incredible national parks. As well as easy access to Yellowstone, Grand Teton is Jackson’s backyard. The border of the park sits a mere 4.5 miles from downtown, and 1.5 miles from Teton Village. You are always only minutes from jaw-dropping scenery and exciting wildlife when you visit!

With so many breathtaking things to see, booking a tour can help remove the stress and guesswork of trying to make the most of your time. We offer several different Grand Teton tours – you’re sure to find something that will fit your particular interests and itinerary.

May-October Tours

Half-Day Tours

Don’t have much time but want to see as much as possible? Our half day tours are 4-5 hours long and have the option of either sunrise or sunset. This tour is ideal for getting a taste of what Grand Teton has to offer from towering mountains to vast lakes, from fields of grazing bison to a moose munching in a pond. You might get your fill of scenic beauty from this tour before enjoying the many other activities Jackson has to offer, or you may see things that you want to return to for further exploration in your own time. Either way, you will be surprised how much you will see and learn in a morning or evening with one of our local guides!


Full Day Tours

Want to spend more time out of town and in the park? Slow down and take your time with a full day 8 hour Grand Teton tour. Starting early, you’ll spend the morning searching for wildlife during peak activity before pausing at a scenic spot for a picnic lunch. This tour allows for more time to explore some of the back roads and more hidden spots to see what animals you might stumble across, admire the seasonal wildflowers, and witness the majestic Teton mountain range from different viewpoints throughout the day. This tour is more immersive and allows your guide to dive deeper into the history, geology, wildlife, or whatever your personal interests are of the region.


Grand Teton Wildlife Tour and Scenic Float

Trying to decide between a wildlife safari and a float tour down the scenic Snake River? Why not both? We have partnered with Solitude Float Trips to create a special combination tour, providing you with an action-packed day of wildlife watching, a picnic lunch, and a 10-mile float tour all within Grand Teton National Park. In one tour you will experience the park’s alpine landscape from both land and water with endless photo opportunities. You’ll see varying habitats that are home to a wide range of species, expertly navigated by your professional guides who will provide you with fascinating facts and history all along the way. The tour starts early in the morning and is approximately 8 hours long.


2-Day and 3-Day Bear and Wolf Safari

Really want to see bears and wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? Consider a multi-day tour of your choice of 2 or 3 days that will take you on a targeted search for these two highly sought after apex predators. Your experienced guide will know the recent sightings and activities of these animals which change throughout the season. Your tour will cover prime grizzly and wolf habitat in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Multiple days allow you to take advantage of several peak wildlife activity times during dawn and dusk, maximizing your opportunity for incredible wildlife encounters. 

November-April Tours


Half Day Wildlife Safari

Spend half a day in the morning or evening exploring the wintery landscape of Grand Teton in this 4-5 hour tour. Seasonal routes depend on weather, road closures, migrating wildlife, and group interests. Winter wildlife differs from the summer months, but is no less exciting!


Best of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari Tour

Spend the day with Grand Teton’s winter wildlife! Get an early start on a beautiful sunrise packed with wildlife spotting, take a horse-drawn sleigh ride on the National Elk Refuge amongst North America’s largest elk herd, and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Sit back and relax as your expert guide handles the logistics of the day and navigates our Wyoming winter conditions to keep you warm and comfortable while you experience the best that Grand Teton National Park can offer during this 8 hour tour.


Snowshoe Tours

Feeling a little more adventurous and want to feel like you’re in the middle of it all? A snowshoe tour gets you out of the car and on your feet in the middle of a serene, snowy landscape. Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland and a different way to observe wildlife in their natural habitats.


Track and Sign

The raw nature of the park is so captivating that we can forget to look down at the fine details. Almost anywhere you go in the park, an animal has passed by not too long before. Our guides will teach you to read the landscape around you and show you the story of what animals were present and what they were doing only days or hours prior. Your surroundings light up with wildlife activity, even if you aren’t seeing them in the moment!


Photography Tours

Grand Teton Photography Tours

We offer both half day and full day wildlife safaris led by a professional photographer/safari guide. This is a wildlife safari with a focus on photography, offering incredible landscape and wildlife photo opportunities with personal instruction and creative direction. This is a fantastic option for all levels of photographers from beginners ready to learn the basics, to experienced photographers looking to hone their skills. With both awe-striking landscapes and large, charismatic wildlife, Grand Teton is a photographer’s playground!


5-Day Photography Workshop

We offer a very special experience within both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for those looking for remarkable photo opportunities and to improve their photography skills. This intensive photography workshop immerses you in a photographer’s dream alongside a professional photographer who will guide you in both finding incredible photo opportunities and in technical and creative instruction. This tour is ideal for those looking to focus purely on photography while learning more about technique in the field and post production editing.


Explore our list of premium Wildlife Safaris and Photography Tours that visit Grand Teton National Park.

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What animals can I expect to see?

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home to an amazingly diverse list of wildlife species! Some of the most frequently observed animals on our safairs are elk, eagles, bison, moose, mule deer, and bears. Black bears are more common than grizzly bears, but both species are most often seen in spring and fall. Wolves are present, but these shy animals are a very uncommon sight in Grand Teton. Other critters such as badgers, coyotes, beavers, otters, and many many more live in this ecosystem, but are not an everyday occurrence! The thrill of wildlife is not knowing what’s around the corner. Every species has certain times of the year where they are more or less likely to be seen, so this will depend on the season in which you are visiting.

What highlights are there to see in Grand Teton?

Grand Teton National Park is rich in both geological wonders and human history. The spectacular Teton range is visible from most areas of the park, and they look different from every angle. Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake are stunning sights to see. Oxbow Bend is a popular spot for a picturesque view of Mount Moran and a great place to look for birds and aquatic species along the Snake River. Stand where Ansel Adams snapped his famous shot of the mountains from the Snake River Overlook. Mormon Row, where you can find the famous Moulton Barn, is a wonderful place to step into the past days of early settlers. There are many more beautiful and fascinating things to see, it would be impossible to list them all here!

What kind of vehicle will we be in?

We provide both private and public tours, but we keep our group sizes small, so you will not be on a big bus. We use spacious SUVs and passenger vans. This allows us to focus on individual guests more closely, have a more personable experience, and we can pull over easily for wildlife sightings!