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Why our guides are trained in wildlife track and sign skills – and why you should be too!

On a recent trip to Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve in South Africa I got my first taste of the skills, training and experience required to be a great tracker. We had just arrived at the Inyati Game Lodge and were heading out on the first game drive of our stay. Our guide Khimbini was driving our customized Toyota LandCruiser with our tracker Cliff perched precariously on a seat mounted to the...
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American solar eclipse of 2017: Are you ready?

The great American eclipse of 2017 is finally upon us! In three weeks, on August 21, 2017, the moon will gradually move in front of the sun causing the first full solar eclipse to cross America coast to coast since 1918. It won’t be repeated again until 2045 making this event a once in a lifetime experience for many people! It is estimated that more than 47 million people live within 100...
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Diving with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas – Trip Report

  “Tiger!” the captain yelled out in a thick Bahamian accent from his perch on the upper deck of our dive boat, the Thresher. Despite our entire group watching the water intently, his experience reading these waters were far superior. It was another 5 minutes before any of us could even make out the unusual dark shape approaching the stern. We had just dropped anchor at a remote dive...
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Support the National Park Service Legacy Act – It’s time to fix our national parks!

A recent bipartisan bill, aptly named the National Park Service Legacy Act (S 751/HR 2584), would allocate oil and gas royalties to address the current 12 billion dollar maintenance back log facing our national parks. Introduced by Senators Warner and Portman in addition to Representatives Hurd and Kilmer, this bill would direct the 12 billion dollars over 30 years to focus on the park...
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