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National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole: January 2 – 16, 2017 Calendar of Events

National Museum of Wildlife Art January 2 – 16, 2017 Calendar of Events (Museum is closed on Mondays)  Located just 2.5 miles north of the Town Square   Check out event details at  Wednesdays, January 4 and 11 Fables Feathers & Fur 10:30 – 11 a.m. Free to all guests. Storytelling at the museum is an exciting opportunity for young visitors to engage with the art...
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National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole: educational programs to focus on birds in January.

                        In celebration of National Bird Day on January 5, and to recognize other wildlife that frequents the National Elk Refuge, winter naturalists have scheduled a line-up of programs in January to highlight the avian species that inhabit the Refuge both seasonally and year-round. National Bird Day was established to...
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5 Winter Photography Tips by Moose Henderson: Dealing with Three Exposures.

        I love winter in Jackson Hole, it is my favorite time of the year after spring, autumn and summer. Seriously, although I have never skied, I love winter in Jackson Hole because of the unspeakable beauty. Winter is a time of paradoxes and extremes; landscapes covered in clean white snow are most beautiful; temperatures range from above freezing to well below zero,...
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Jackson Hole Selected as Finalist for Prestigious National Geographic World Legacy Award

                    Jackson Hole is one of three finalists for the Destination Leadership category of the 2017 National Geographic World Legacy Awards. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and Riverwind Foundation submitted the nomination on behalf of the community and destination of Jackson Hole that focused on the tradition of conservation and...
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For the love of Jackson Hole’s Moose: Part 1

                            For the Love of Moose: Part 1 Moose, the largest members of the deer family, are one of the most iconic and beloved animals. Adults and children marvel when they see their first moose. Everyone loves the bulls, with their giant set of antlers and the cows with their long faces and tender care of the...
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Yellowstone Fire Update Sept 8, 2016: All roads in Yellowstone and Grand Teton are open!

Despite several managed wildfires burning throughout the Greater Yellowstone area all the roads are open and very few visitor services are being disrupted! Wildfires play an important role in the ecosystem and are an amazing thing to experience during a visit to the area during fall. Jackson Hole and most of Yellowstone are mostly smoke free and the cool weather is getting the wildlife moving,...
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