Field Notes

Exploring Winter Wonders: A Week-Long Adventure

by Claire NorthoverJan 22, 2024
A Bobcat Walking Through Snow Covered Willows

Join us on a week-long winter adventure starting with a wildlife tour in the Tetons, followed by premier skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Big Sky, Montana. The journey concludes with a winter wildlife tour in the Northern Range of Yellowstone, offering a unique blend of winter sports excitement and tranquil nature observation.

A Moose Walks Across A Sage Meadow In Heavy Snow In Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton Winter Wildlife Tour

Our winter adventure commences with a wildlife tour in the Tetons, where the snow-covered landscapes of Grand Teton National Park become a canvas for observing diverse fauna. Guided by knowledgeable experts at Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, we gain insights into the natural behaviors of the region’s wildlife. Witness wildlife such as elk, moose, bison, and bighorn sheep as they migrate into the valley in search of food along with coyotes, foxes, bald and golden eagles. Your professional naturalist guide will be sure to stop in areas frequented by the local fauna to ensure the day is filled with wildlife sightings. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before returning to the field where you will have a chance to see the largest wild elk herd in North America. The Tetons offer a fitting start to your week-long journey, blending the excitement of winter activities with the serenity of observing nature.

Coyote Howling In Front of Snowy Cotton Wood Trees

Ski in Jackson Hole

Transitioning from the serene beauty of the Tetons, our journey leads us to the thrilling slopes of Jackson Hole. For a couple of days, we immerse ourselves in the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, renowned for its challenging terrain and breathtaking vistas. From conquering the famed Corbet’s Couloir to gliding through the Rendezvous Bowl, each run provides an exhilarating experience. Jackson Hole’s reputation as a premier skiing destination is further solidified by its consistently deep snowpack. Known for its legendary powder days, the resort’s snow conditions are the stuff of skiers’ dreams. The vibrant ski culture of Jackson Hole extends into the charming town of Jackson. Cozy lodges, lively bars, and gourmet dining experiences await those eager to unwind after a day on the mountain. The town’s Western flair and welcoming atmosphere add a unique touch to the overall skiing experience.

Book a Ride with Mountain West Scenic Shuttle

Leaving behind the slopes of Jackson Hole, a guided shuttle ride with Mountain West Scenic Shuttle awaits, offering stunning views of snowy landscapes as we transition to Big Sky, Montana. The route takes us through picturesque mountains and forests, creating a seamless connection between these two winter paradises. As the shuttle winds through the snowy roads, passengers are treated to an educational and fun travel experience. Local naturalist guides operating the shuttle will delve into the history of the region, highlighting the geological significance of the area and pointing out significant landmarks. Passengers will also have the opportunity to view wildlife such as eagles, deer, elk, moose, hawks, and coyotes. Glimpses of the natural beauty that defines this region will build anticipation for the adventures that await in Big Sky.

A Red Fox Yawning And Walking Through A Snow Covered Field

Ski in Big Sky

Arriving in Big Sky, we find ourselves in a winter wonderland tailor-made for skiing enthusiasts. The vast terrain of Big Sky Resort becomes a playground, offering exhilarating runs for skiers of all levels. Whether carving through powder on Lone Peak or enjoying the groomed trails of Andesite Mountain, every descent is accompanied by breathtaking panoramic views. Beyond the excitement of the slopes, the alpine village of Big Sky adds a charming touch to the overall experience. Cozy lodges, shops, and the inviting ambiance of local eateries create a warm and welcoming atmosphere after a day on the mountain. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer, you are bound to enjoy your time at Big Sky.

Winter Wolves Jackson Hole

Yellowstone Winter Tour

As our week-long adventure nears its end, we turn our attention to the Northern Range of Yellowstone. Led by a professional naturalist guide from Yellowstone Safari Company, a winter wildlife tour provides a unique opportunity to witness the park’s wildlife against the snow-covered backdrop. Upon entering the park, you will be greeted by magnificent views of Mammoth Hot Springs. The vibrant travertine terraces can be observed up close from boardwalks, making this a great introduction to the magic that is Yellowstone National Park. Bison, elk, and bighorn sheep traverse the pristine landscape, and wolves become more active as they hunt, scavenge and play in the snow. Enjoy a hot beverage as your guide sets up spotting scopes to allow for better viewing of these incredibly resilient creatures. It’s a fitting end to a week-long journey, combining the thrill of winter sports with the tranquility of observing nature in its pristine state.