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Sustainability Series – Transportation

by Mary BessJul 15, 2019
A Bicyclist Pauses In Front Of The Grand Teton Range During A Commute Home From Work

Jackson Hole offers several alternative transportation options, especially in the summertime.  With a little planning, you can reduce your carbon footprint while traveling to work or while on vacation.  

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris combines a love of adventure with a passion for wildlife and wild spaces to create a premium, once in a lifetime experience exploring the natural world.  It is our belief that active stewardship is the only way to ensure the same experience for future generations. This is why Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris is committed to a culture of sustainability and is dedicated to purchasing products, establishing partnerships and educating the public in a way that values the protection and conservation of our most valuable resources.

Transportation Options in Jackson Hole

Use the StartBus!

The complete schedule is online.  The StartBus runs around most downtown locations as well as Teton Village and Wilson.  Check the schedule for times and locations.

Use the StartBike!

StartBike is a new program in Teton County, designed to reduce congestion on the roads and provide an alternative to vehicle use.  To use the StartBike bikes placed around town, you’ll need to download an app and set up an account.  You can check bike locations from within the app.  See how StartBike works online.

Use a RideShare!

Travel from the airport using a RideShare app like Lyft or Uber.  Download the app and set up your account before you arrive in Jackson in order to obtain transportation upon arrival.

Download Uber

Download Lyft

The Jackson Hole Airport has a TaxiPool, a ride-sharing program, set up to minimize taxi rides into town from the airport.  Participants in TaxiPool will get $10 off a published fare. To use TaxiPool, inquire at the Information Desk across from “baggage carousel 2” inside the airport.

Charge your Electric Vehicle!

It’s possible to travel through the National Parks and Jackson Hole with your electric vehicle.  Multiple charging stations can be found along the way as you make your way north or south through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Jackson and Teton Village have 36 charging stations well distributed and easily accessible around the valley.  Yellowstone National Park has 5 charging stations inside the park located at Mammoth Hot Springs, Fishing Bridge, Old Faithful, Canyon Village  and Lake Village.  Grand Teton National Park has one charging station at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Moose, WY. 

When you leave…

Looking to reduce your vehicle use at home?  Check out your local transportation options. If you live in a city, you should have access to public transportation.  Public transportation doesn’t get you where you need to go? Contact your local government officials and let them know how they can better serve you and encourage your neighbors to do the same.  


Tell us how you get around Jackson Hole sustainably!  Tag @jacksonholesafaris on Instagram and show us your alternate transportation.  #sustainability

See the National Parks sustainably by booking a wildlife tour on an open safari.  When multiple families or couples book together, we can travel through the parks with one fuel-efficient vehicle instead of multiple vehicles.  As a bonus, you get to meet people from all over the world.  Who knows, you may end up with a new friend while traveling sustainably through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park.

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