Grant Burson

Naturalist Guide

Grant grew up in Arkansas before finding his way to Wyoming after college.  His childhood was spent exploring, camping, climbing, and fishing.  Those formative years in the outdoors fostered a love for the natural world.  Grant obtained a B.S. in Recreation and Sport Management from the University of Arkansas before heading west.  An avid climber, Grant has spent the last several seasons exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  His favorite thing about the National Parks are the countless lessons we can learn from nature, and as a guide, he is passionate about the opportunity to share those moments with his guests.


  • Level II Wildlife Track & Sign / CyberTracker
  • Certified Tracking Evaluator / CyberTracker
  • Level I Wildlife Track & Sign / CyberTracker
  • Certificate / Leave No Trace
  • Naturalist Certificate
  • Certified Interpretive Guide / National Association for Interpretation
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR
  • Level III Wildlife Track & Sign / CyberTracker
  • Dive Master
  • Master Educator / Leave No Trace
  • 14 Emmy Award Wins
  • 28 Emmy Award Nominations
  • Nature-Connected Leadership / Earth-based Institute
  • Project Partner / Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative
  • B.A. German
  • B.S. Elementary Education
  • Paul Harris Fellow I
  • Paul Harris Fellow II
  • Wildland Firefighter
  • Firefighter I
  • Firefighter II
  • EMT-B
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • B.S. Geography | Southern Illinois University
  • Level I Avalanche Certification
  • B.S. Education | Indiana University
  • B.S. Radio & Television | Southern Illinois University
  • B.A. Environmental Studies | University of Colorado
  • M.S. Environmental Management (Candidate) | Yale School of the Environment
  • B.S. Zoology | Southern Illinois University
  • B.S. Wildlife Science | Virginia Tech
  • B.S. Forestry Recreation Resource Management | Paul Smiths College
  • B.S. Natural Resources / Animal Science | Cornell University
  • B.S. Biology | University of Utah
  • B.S. Wildlife Biology | North Carolina State University
  • B.S. Fisheries Biology | North Carolina State University
  • Minor: Environmental Science | North Carolina State University
  • B.S. Neuropsychology | Willamette University
  • A.A.S. Animal Science | University of New Hampshire
  • B.S. Zoology | University of New Hampshire
  • M.S. Wildlife Conservation and Management | University College of Dublin
  • B.A. Classical Studies and Philosophy | University College of Dublin
  • B.S. Environmental Science | University of Oregon
  • B.A. Fine Art | University of Oregon
  • Outdoor Guide Certification | University of Wyoming
  • First Aid & CPR
  • B.A. Biological Anthropology | University of Wisconsin
  • M. Ed. Math
  • M. Ed. Math, Science and Technology Education | Ohio State University
  • M.S. (Candidate) Wildlife Management | Oregon State University
  • Wilderness EMT
  • Trainer / Leave No Trace
  • B.S. Recreation and Sport Management | University of Arkansas
  • Level II Avalanche Certification
  • B.A. Photojournalism | Lewis & Clark College
  • Wildlife Chemical Immobilization | Oregon State University
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Grant grew up in Arkansas before moving to Jackson after college. His time in Arkansas was spent exploring, camping, climbing and fishing which fostered a love for the natural world around us. During these years he has completed a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Semester in Patagonia as well as a Wilderness EMT. He has also spent time training with the American Alpine Institute completing their Alpine Mountaineering Technical Leadership Program.

His passion for climbing and the outdoors has taken him from the high peaks in the Canadian Rockies to the big stone of El Capitan. He has spent the last several seasons climbing in and exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. His favorite thing about the parks are the unlimited lessons about nature and ourselves we can draw from them and his passion is getting to show others the places that inspire him.