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Grizzly 610 and her cubs are alive and well in Jackson Hole!

        The most famous Grizzlies in Jackson Hole and maybe the world have finally emerged from their dens and made their 2013 debut in Jackson Hole. The sow Grizzly, numbered by park biologists ‘610’, is the daughter of sow grizzly 399. Bear 399 became famous in Jackson Hole a few years back when she raised 610 and her siblings along the roadsides of Grand Teton...
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See the bighorn sheep of Jackson Hole before they head to the highcountry!

        Every year a group of bighorn sheep descend the rocky ridges and forested slopes of the Gros Ventre mountains to spend the winter grazing on the mostly snow free slopes of Miller Butte on the National Elk Refuge. Situated in the southern half of Jackson Hole in Northwest Wyoming in the rain shadow of the Grand Tetons, this high desert butte receives significantly less...
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A look at an ever changing climate in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone National Park

        I have recently been catching up on my reading and trying to shed dozens of magazines that have been piling up due to a busy schedule and overabundance of subscriptions. I am embarrassed to admit that I found a Yellowstone Discovery Magazine at the bottom of a pile that is dated summer 2010! I usually read these as soon as they arrive because they are filled with...
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Yellowstone will open on time! Thank you Wyoming, Jackson Hole and Cody!

        Here is the official press release issued by the Wyoming Office of Tourism yesterday outlining the successful collaboration between the state of Wyoming, the gateway communities and other partners to open Yellowstone National Park on time in 2013. When the superintendent of Yellowstone announced they would delay opening to make up for the 5% reduction in the...
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A recent Canyon tour with Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours in Yellowstone National Park

                                        Fresh snow cover the branches of the dense lodgepole pines lining the road as we approach the South entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Our snowmobiles were just warming up as we pull into the welcome to Yellowstone sign, our first stop to take in the...
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